Heart to Hearts (1988)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-14
Summary: Charming romantic comedy
A man gets downright dumped by his girlfriend, leaving him nothing but the toilet seat. A young girl in his choir class keeps annoying him, and her mom is very protective of her. They eventually clash but get to know each other. Then the girlfriend tries to come back....
Typical stuff, no? Maybe so, but in the hands of Stephen Shin and a great cast it turns into a very likeable romantic comedy. The script goes in the same direction in the end, but it's still well-written and has some great scenes and moments. George Lam is kind a jerk (thanks to his girlfriend), but becomes more likeable later. Carol Cheng was great as the mom, and she's always fun to watch. And Vivian Chow is so cute in her first movie! And the theme song is so catchy. It's a pleasant Hong Kong film to watch at any time of the day.

Reviewer Score: 8