Millionaire Cop (1993)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-15
Summary: Funny goofball stuff
Cops Ball and Fish go undercover in place of a rich businessman's son Jesse(and a maid) for fear of assassination, but must trick his girlfriend into thinking he's Jesse. Meanwhile an angry robber tries to get revenge on Ball for killing his buddies earlier...

Add to that all kinds of absurdity, like Ng Man-tat has a "wolf's hand" attached to him by mistake, Yuen King-tan flying in the air after her fake breasts pop, and several action scenes taking place in different places such as an Ice skating rink. Plus bodily functions, boogers, Aaron Kwok breaking into song in the middle of the film for no reason and parodies galore like a 9 1/2 weeks taste test scene! And don't forget the nod towards Savior of the Soul (a film only 2 years old). How can the cast keep a straight face through all of this?! Anyway the cast is good, and having Maggie Cheung and Chingmy Yau in it (and in a swimsuit)doesn't hurt! Talk about a nonsense movie, but if you like to laugh at stuff like that, you'll love Millionaire Cop.

Reviewer Score: 6