Color of Pain (2002)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-07-16
A well-written script goes awry in pre-production when film makers have to take Japanese funding to get their movie made. What could have been an excellent Hong Kong movie becomes symbolic of what is wrong with Hong Kong movies these days. Lack of production money in the SAR has local producers seeking funding from neighboring Asian film markets, which brings location shooting in the new co-producers country and casting of non-Hong Kong actors in major roles.

Writer, producer, director Sam Leong does outstanding work here. Performances by Tony Ho, Terence Yin, and Sam Lee as young jewel thieves are well worth the price of admission. Raymond Wong shines as troubled SDU officer. Performance of Josie Ho is great, as well. These five actors never seem to disappoint in anything they do and they make this film go.

A major flaw is casting of Japanese Kenya Sawada in a role that was probably written for Ekin Cheng. Kenya Sawada is all over the place and never really nails the role. He's trying to act like Ekin doing the character, which is kind of cool to watch I guess. Action sequences by Adam Chan are well done, very tense and exciting. Check this movie out, you won't be unhappy.

copyright 2005 j.crawford
Reviewer Score: 8