Pretty Woman (1991)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-18
Summary: to like or not to like?
Okay. Yeah it's a CAT III film. It's corny, lewd, exploitative, all that. The story is shallow: an office girl gets raped and killed, so the killer hires a lookalike--a hostess girl to take her place, and she falls in love with a business man, and ending up working with thugs...

There are better CAT III films out there, maybe not anymore tasteful but there are. I just like Veronica Yip as she's beautiful, and I don't just mean her body. She's got presence even in a film like this. so she's nude briefly--nothing special. Aside from that, is the film recomendable? maybe, if you're Yip fans, and watched everything else. If you're in it strictly for the sex, you'll be disappointed. It is one I'd watch again, and I rarely rewatch the few CAT III films I've seen. So I give a mixed rating.

Reviewer Score: 5