Devoted to You (1986)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-18
Summary: Decent teen romance movie
"amour, amour, amour"

2 schoolgirls become friends, Jane is a bad egg while the other May is straight laced but sticks by her friend through thick and thin. Jane falls in love with a biker/gang member and stays out late against their parents wishes. May falls in love with Jacky an older boy on vacation in HK from Canada. They have an affair and he goes home, but May goes after him...

I liked this film. It's pretty good for an 80's HK flick. I mean all the elements are cliched, but the cast isn't bad, and I'm surprised how they explore teen sex (nothing explicit, just the subject). The ending is bittersweet and sort of caught me off guard, so that's cool. It's no award winner, but I'd watch it again. Also good for Jacky Cheung enthusiasts.

Reviewer Score: 7