A Heroic Fight (1986)
Reviewed by: calros on 2005-07-19
Summary: Funny "F/X" taiwanese version
An old rich businessman needs to simulate his violent death in the presence of triads members, so he hire a team of movie special effects technicians, leaded by Lin Hsiao Lan (who plays an actress specialized in fantasy B-series movies as "Kung Fu Wonder Child"); something goes wrong and the quartet of technicians will have to help their client and fight the baddies, leaded by Dick Wei.
This movie is very funny: their action scenes are always into B-series, but the imagination of the martial choreographers seems not to have end and the movie has more gadgets than all the 007 movies together, beginning with Lin's bicycle and ending with Dick's deadly shoe.
Very very very much funnier than "F/X: Murder by Illusion".
Reviewer Score: 9