The Happy Ghost (1984)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-21
Summary: cute 80's fluff with charming cast
"Hoi Sum Gwai, Hoi Sum Gwai!"

Some teenage catholic schoolgirls spend the night in an old house. One girl finds an old rope and takes it back to the dorm, but a ghost was imprisoned in there and is set free. A would-be scholar from the Ching dynasty, he decides to stick around and help the girls out and entertain them. All's well until the headmaster starts to catch on, and the ghost reveals why he was inside the rope...

This is a cute bubble gum movie for kids and teens and was popular enough to spawn several sequels. But this is probably the best one since it has such a cute cast including a young Loletta Lee. Even back then her roles were a little risque. I'm quite surprised that they show teen sex in such a cutesy movie, and even the ghost catches glimpses of the girls bottom or them undressing (but he quickly turns away). But it's not something to be taken seriously, it's just for fun, right? It gave off the mood of that time in HK--the early 80's--innocence (or innocence lost), and therefore pleasant to watch. The funniest scene is when Raymond Wong as the ghost ends up on the roller coaster! And of course the dance number with breakdancing and all! One of Clifton Ko's early works, he'd go on to do way better comedies, but it's cool to see one of his first films. Definitely a curiosity for HK film buffs.

Reviewer Score: 6