A Queer Story (1997)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-20
Summary: Predictable, but good film with good actors
George Lam plays Law a gay 40 year old still in the closet to his retired father and a one time girlfriend. His dad wants him to marry her, and later he feels the need to do so to keep up the charade. However he's happy with his companion Sonny (played by Jordan Chan), an openly gay and flamboyant hairdresser who keeps pressuring him into coming out. He also gets jealous easily when it comes to other guys and his ex-girlfriend. Law is stuck in the middle straining the relationship with Sonny, and endangering his business career. Will they be happy in the end..?

I found this film surprisingly good since I like the actors. George Lam is good playing a gay man maybe not totally realistic but not stereotypically. Jordan Chan has fun playing the flamy gay guy in the relationship, so it worked for me. He even makes fun of himself, referencing Young and Dangerous when he thinks another guy is after his man. Hsu chi has a small role, playing a "girlfriend" of Sonny's who he can turn to when he's sad. There's laughs, but there's also a serious side when dealing with the subject of AIDS, when a famous professor gets critically ill and his death is marred in controversy because of his homosexuality. People who've seen "Hu Du Men" will see the connection as Law's dad is the same character in that film, and some other cast members make a cameo appearance at the end of the film. Not to mention it's the same director. It has a predictable ending, but the movie is enjoyable despite it. Can't a movie about gays be more optimistic once in a while (like this one)?

All in all, not perfect but an enjoyable film.

Reviewer Score: 8