Pantyhose Hero (1990)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-20
Summary: Good fight scenes surrounded by harsh stereotypes
Basically this is a rehash of the US film "Partners" about two cops having to pretend to be lovers to solve a serial murder case of gays in the city. Alan nearly gets seduced by the gay neighbor, while Sammo nearly blows the case when he falls for a pretty woman he meets.

It may have been a really good movie, but homosexuals are treated very poorly in the movie, with horrible jokes ("AIDs brothers" is the worst), and stereotyped flamy characters who only want sex. Maybe it's funny for Sammo and Alan to do it for a while, but everybody else? It's 1990 too, when it was still illegal to be gay in HK. The only thing to redeem the movie is Sammo's fights and stuntwork. He has a great opening battle with props and chainsaws, a good fight in the middle and painful car stunt and an awesome battle with the villain at the end. It could have been funny for the Sammo and Alan to overplay being gay while everyone else does it realistically, but unfortunately they don't--they needed a better script if they wanted to go with this theme. So you should only see it for the cops stuff and fight scenes. Sorry, Sammo!

Reviewer Score: 5