Sisters of the World Unite (1991)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-20
Summary: Sylvia/Sally showcase
Sa Sa and Ka Ka are sisters both with relationship problems. Ka Ka has been married for 20 years, but the spark has gone out of the marriage--he forgets their anniversary. Sa Sa is a commercial director who has been having an affair with a married man and subsequently dumps him, but she falls in love with a younger man who's not even in college yet. Although she's happy the age difference comes into play, as well as Ka Ka putting pressure on her to grow up. They both have to make important decisions in their lives...

I mostly bought/watched this to see Slyvia Chang and Sally Yeh on screen as they are always good to watch in the movies. It does starts off kind of slow but gets more interesting as it goes along, as when Sa Sa hooks up with Ray and Ka Ka tries to start up a career again. And John Shum is good as the insensitive husband too. There are funny moments too like when Sa Sa gets exhausted and sick after sports and park rides! I see they tried a little experimenting with camerawork such as freeze frames and hand held scenes that are shaky on purpose like a documentary--that was interesting. I think the movie works mainly because of the two actresses. Sylvia's screen presence comes through while Sally's smile lights up the screen (Sylvia has a nice smile too!). Though it has major stars, it doesn't seem like a mainstream project more like an experimental film, but I like that. Maybe that's because the women in the film aren't typical housewives--they're independent, or want to be. Anyway it was a good experiment.

Reviewer Score: 7