Back Alley Princess (1973)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-21
Summary: It's ok--nothing more
The "Hot Pepper Kid," a tomboyish girl and her friend are homeless folks always trying to make money with fake fights and innocent scams. The two come across a family of street entertainers and become friends with them, while Pepper tricks a rich young man into staying in his home. One of the street folks girl's boyfriend tries to pimp her to a gangster, so Pepper and another female friend disguise themselves to get into the lair, free the other females and beat up everybody with Kung Fu....

This is a typical action adventure flick with an ensemble cast of Golden Harvest regulars pinned by Lo Wei, who directed Bruce Lee's first 2 films. It's got a plot about people struggling to make ends meet, and tacking on some intrigue with gangsters and plenty of kung fu battles. I like Polly Shang Kuan, but she's hardly recognizable as a "boy" with the short hair. It's an early role for Sam Hui, who was being made into an action star--a year before he joined his brothers for successful comedies. And you got Carter Wong and Angela Mao in there for support--always nice to see her. And it wouldn't be complete without a villain who's played by Hon Yin-kit, the Big Boss himself. It doesn't really add up to much, except if you want to see the stars in early roles and some fights. All involved have done better stuff, but it's cool to see these oldies.

Reviewer Score: 6