The Young Tiger (1973)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-07-21
Summary: Absolutely horrendous
Not to be confused with the Jackie Chan movie Young Tiger, this movie is set and filmed in 1970's Hong Kong, not exactly a period most people think of for a kung-fu film. The main character is a young martial arts student who gets framed for a murder by a gang of blackmailers. After escaping from the police, he tracks down the gang himself and bringing them to justice, effectively clearing his name.

The Young Tiger is a truly awful movie. The acting is about as bad as you can get, and the plot is so simple it feels as though you are watching a children's cartoon. The martial arts are especially bad as well, with all the fight participants (including the lead) struggling to perform any moves and looking like they have no idea what they're doing. One particularly bad scene involves the main character on an ice-cream vending scooter being chased around a construction site sand pit by a couple cars. The scene inexplicably continues for about 15 minutes and becomes so ridiculous that it's hard not to laugh. Even though the scooter isn't going more than 15mph, the director desperately tries to make the scene harrowing, but fails miserably. Unless you're a fan of poorly dubbed, completely terrible movies that become funny they're so bad, avoid this movie at all costs.
Reviewer Score: 1