The Twins Effect II (2004)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-07-23
Summary: pretty, entertaining film
Talented directors, Corey Yuen and Patrick Leung, cobble entertaining film from convoluted screenplay. Pop music sensations, The Twins, are cast in fantasy wuxia with veteran movie stars Donnie Yen, "Big" Tony Leung, and Daniel Wu. Five, count 'em, 5 screenwriters contributed to weak pastiche of genre cliches unrelated to first film in any way other than the title.

Lots of fun and hijinks in a strange world were an evil powerful queen subjugates all men as slaves. As in the first film, Jackie Chan has a cameo role as a terra cotta warrior who does battle with Donnie Yen in sequence that is a joy to behold. Action direction by Cory Yuen is up to the usual standard of excellence. Movie has excellent production values; cinematography, costumes and set design are top notch. Like the original film, CGI special effects achieve mixed results.
Reviewer Score: 5