It's a Drink! It's a Bomb! (1985)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2005-07-25
Summary: silly but funny comedy
3 strangers get mixed up with some gangsters trying to sell a new explosive that looks like a soda can. The three decide to team up after they discover a corrupt cop is mixed up in the "can of bomb" operation.

Such a wacky idea for a setup for this action comedy: a bomb that looks like a can of soda that you activate by opening and throwing it like a grenade. I like the cast of the movie because they have fun with the material, I like pacing of the comedy and action gags with quick editing, and I like the creativity of the movie where all the unusual locations they shoot it, such as that Xmas party where they promote the soda (Sarsae), and John dresses up like Santa! Maggie is great in this early role. George Lam has a good time in the movie, and John Shum is obnoxious as usual, but he's supposed to be in comedies like this, but he talks so fast! I thought the music was repetitive but it worked for a silly film like this one. I liked the squaredance music they use in the trailer which seems to fit better. Good 80's film to laugh and enjoy.

Reviewer Score: 7