AV (2005)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2005-07-25
The fact that this movie seriously lack of... substance in the movie and cinematography.

Yeah maybe others doesn't have the same POV as me... but well... to me... the story of the movie just tells how the 4 buddies want to make love with the AV star.

The movie started of with one of the guy being kicked out of school for using making a movie as an excuse to court girl.

The 4 guys were excited and thinks it's fun and good way to kiss and touch girls. And they din just stop at that point and even wished to make love to the girls. Knowing that not much Hong Kong girls is gonna do it, they decided to find an AV star from japan and make a movie, which of course will not be shown to public but for personal pleasure and viewings only.

The only funny part I find in the movie is when eric kot interviewed the 4 youngsters when they try to appply for loan.

I think the movie only really starts and begins when the AV star came to Hong Kong and they were about to shoot the movie.

The substance that is missing is... the director tries to bring across everything in a short glance. Making it quite confusing and boring.

A good try... but I think the director should really try harder. The title of the movie will only bring it the movie this far.

Rating 4 out of 10
Reviewer Score: 4