It Had to Be You (2005)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2005-07-25
A story about love, food and photography. Hemmm.... everything wonderful in the world, is a good enough excuse to watch this movie.

A movie with a nice touch of storytelling about triangle relationships.

The movie started of with Karena being the 3rd party of a couple's relationship which she is very much aware about. However she is happy when his bf's gf dumped him on her birthday at the place where Karena is working. The guy however din get together with Karena but instead he went after Nicola.

At the same time, Ekin came to work and is about to take over Eric's place. When he is at the restaurant, he created many nice desert and well... takes photograph of almost everyone in the restaurant.

Karena however din really like Ekin because he saw him walk away from Bobo the night before. What she din know was Bobo is having a relationship with another man.

Truely a lot of triangle relationship in the movie.

Lots of cleverly placed verbal jokes and romantic scenes. However love story ending is always as predictable as ever.

I really think the movie is great. However Bobo really needs to work out on her acting as she keeps on doing the same style all the time. Lets hope she works on more different karisma.

Rating 8 out of 10
Reviewer Score: 8