Crippled Avengers (1978)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-07-27
Summary: A Chang Cheh classic...
Although not a true sequel to Five Deadly Venoms, this Chang Cheh film does feature three of the five Venoms as well as Chiang Sheng, who played the sixth Venom sent to find the original five. All four actors play new characters unrelated to the original movie. The movie starts out with a group of bandits, the Tigers of Tinan, breaking into the house of Tu Tinto. Not finding him, they decide to show him they mean business by chopping off his wife's legs and slicing his son's arms off at the elbow. Finding them short after, Tinto goes slightly insane and decides to fit his son with deadly iron arms that fire darts and have the ability to extend out. He also teaches him the three Tiger styles, which are suitable to defeat any opponent. Tinto and his cronies also run the local town with an iron fist, and exact terrible punishments on anyone disrespecting him or his handicapped son. The heroes of the movie all have the misfortune of making mistakes around the pair, and are crippled as a result. Chin Sun (Kuo Chai), a visiting salesman has his eyes poked out, the local blacksmith Wei (Lo Meng) is made mute and deaf, and Kuei (Sun Chien) has his legs cut off. When Wang Yi (Chiang Sheng), a traveling kung fu expert, comes across the three and decides to avenge them, he is defeated and has his skull crushed, effectively making him mentally retarded. The four return to Wang Yi's master and he teaches them to deal with their handicaps while enhancing their existing senses. Chin's hearing becomes highly accurate while Wei enhances his sight and uses mirrors to see things he can't hear. Kuei is fitted with iron legs that he uses to demolish anyone who challenges him. After three years of training, they set off to have revenge on Tinto and his family during his birthday celebration. Hearing the four have returned, Tinto's advisor hires some of the greatest martial artists to kill them, but to no avail. The death toll rises as the Crippled Avengers battle their way to the final showdown with Tinto and his son.

Crippled Avengers easily matches (if not exceeds) Five Deadly Venoms in terms of a great kung fu movie. Although the plot isn't quite as intricate or carried out as well, the martial arts are slightly superior and better choreographed. The blind Chin (Kuo Chai) uses weapons, including iron hoops and the short staff. Kuo Chia's scenes in which he uses the short staff are absolutely incredible, his technique and speed rivaling anything I've seen. Tinto's advisor uses an iron ball and chain which is also very exciting to watch. In addition, Crippled Avengers is a much more brutal than Five Deadly Venoms, with characters getting limbs chopped off, lying around in pools of blood and severed body parts, and being tortured. The most entertaining performances are given by Kuo Chai and Lo Meng (who acts and looks like a perfect cross between Bruce Lee and Bolo Yeung). If you liked Five Deadly Venoms, you'll love this film as well.
Reviewer Score: 9