Mistaken Identity (1988)
Reviewed by: calros on 2005-07-27
Summary: Maybe the worst of Tsui Siu Ming.
Pursuited by the Police, the leader of a band of jewel robbers (Yam), crashes against the car of a simple businessman called Chow and dies, and severely unconscious Chow remains so disfigurated that everybody believes he is the deceased, so the surgeons give him the criminal's face. Now the former henchmen of the gangster are after him to recover their part of the booty, and also Police detective Cheung (Ng). <p>The movie is plenty of good ideas, as you expect from any Tsui Siu Ming stuntwork, but in this case they are bad resolved; e.g. the scene of the fight in the toilet could have been wonderfully funny, but instead is clumsy and slow. What a pity...
Reviewer Score: 4