Drunken Master II (1994)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-08-01
Summary: Arguably the greatest Chan movie ever...
Jackie Chan returns to the role of Wong Fei-hong in this spectacular martial-arts bonanza that features an interesting plot, great actors and fight scenes that will have you watching this film over and over.

Wong Fei-hong (Chan) is up to mischief as always, and comes into posession of a jade seal during a mix-up of luggage on a train. The movie takes place during the early part of the twentieth century, and the British are exploiting the Chinese for labor and also exporting some of the country's most valuable treasures back to England. After Wong confronts some of the Chinese that are participating in this disrespectful practice, he is forced to break out the Drunken style. Unfortunately, he gets a little out of control and hits his own father by accident, and must leave the house as punishment. After being humiliated by the British smugglers and their Chinese cronies, Wong decides to confront the whole lot at a steel factory with the help of some of the workers who are being taken advantage of. The end result is the most incredible 15-20 minutes of fights you'll ever witness on film, with the final showdown between Wong and the leader of the Chinese smugglers (Ken Lo, who is Jackie's bodyguard in real life) topping the whole thing off and leaving you speechless.

Although the plot gets a little confusing, no one ever really watches a Jackie Chan movie for the story. You want to see great martial arts fighting, and this movie delivers on that front more than almost any other movie I've ever seen. Jackie is at the top of his game, using random objects as weapons, performing incredible stunts and throwing himself into harm's way at every turn in order to make scenes more exciting for the audience. He also gets to use some of his comedic gifts as well in the film. Anita Mui adds a great comedic touch as Wong's step-mother and steals the scenes she appears in. A must for any Jackie Chan fan, and also for anyone who enjoys a great kung-fu movie. This film does not disappoint on any level.
Reviewer Score: 10