The Undaunted Wudang (1983)
Reviewed by: calros on 2005-08-02
Summary: Mediocre film with unforgettable girl.
At the end of the XIX century, japanese martial fighters, in order to prove their superiority, challenge chinese kung fu masters in a tournament. But the japanese use unfair deadly tricks to win the contest, and reputed Master Chen from Wu School is killed, and his daughter Chen Xue Jiao swears vengeance, goes to Wu mountains to improve her technique with the help of her brother and Taoist monks... the story is plain, the director does not know how to shoot the martial scenes (the only good thing of the movie) and the extras do what they want. Only the girl who plays Xue Jiao, Lin Quan, and her wild beauty (when you see her biting her pigtail you know that very soon there will be broken bones everywhere) stands out of this mainland mediocre film.
Reviewer Score: 5