Seven Swords (2005)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2005-08-02
I always thought the Seven Swords teaser trailer was bad. No meaning to it. Just a teaser to show the face of the sword owners and the swords. The movie itself is a movie I would surely recommend to people who really wants to watch movie that has lots of action-pack in it, but is lack of storyline. I would not deny and 100% think that the action sequence was superb. Minus the fact that there were too many zoom in's which make me blur and not sure of what and who is fighting. The storyline and character development was simply bad.

The origins of the character was not elaborated, and seriously, I couldn't even see some of the characters clearly. As I remember, I hardly see the face of Xing LongZhi (owner of the star-chasers sword) and Mulang (owner of the celestial beam sword). It's a movie of the seven sword but about the seven people however not all get the equal attention. I wouldn't blame them... The book was too thick to be digested into a two and a half hour show.

I was also disappointed when the movie din really tell out how powerful is the sword that the duke has found on the burried ground. The fact of Michael Wong as the duke simply adds to the sad part. What happen, a duke is now a mix blood of chinese and eurasian? The confused and gaps in the movie sure give it a gap from being perfect.

Rating 7 out of 10
Reviewer Score: 7