The King of Boxers (1972)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-08-02
Summary: Not a second is worth your time...
Set in the 1970's (the first bad sign), King Boxer has an incredibly simplistic plot, but it still manages to make no sense in the long run. Chow (Meng Fai), on a visit to Thailand meets a girl who takes him around to see the sites. What he's really interested in is Thai boxing, so she brings him to a match where her friend is competing. Just before the match, he is told to take a fall, but he refuses, winning the match outright. Later, he's confronted by the thugs again, but with the help of Chow, beats them soundly. Chow is in the middle of teaching him a specialized style, but has to return home to manage his kung fu school. Probably the one bright spot in the otherwise horrible movie is the character played by a young Yasuaki Kurato. Kurato's character is determined to find the best fighter in the province. Not only does he take a liking to Chow's sister, but he wrecks the school in order to provoke Chow into fighting him. When the fight occurs, Chow wins easily and angers Kurato even more. A trap is set and Chow is lured into it and killed in a particularly bloody fight. When the Thai boxer comes to visit Chow and finds he has been killed, he seeks revenge on Kurato.

This is probably one of the worst kung fu movies I've ever seen. I starts off with about 20 minutes of footage from some elephant exhibition in Thailand, and doesn't improve from there. The acting is awful, the fighting is completely sub par and the story has absolutely no points in it that hold your interest. It looks like a movie a film student would make during his freshman year. Usually these kind of movies, although being poorly acted, have some decent fighting to make up for the other low points. This has none of those. Yasuaki Kurato is quite an accomplished martial artist, later appearing in the classic Fist of Legend with Jet Li. But here his talents are completely wasted, although you can see him struggling to make scenes better. Please don't waste your time on this film, thinking you'd like to see how bad it really is. It's not worth any amount of money or time to find out it sucks.
Reviewer Score: 1