Angel Heart (1995)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-08-17
Summary: Category III Hsu is not quite worth it...
Put in prison for protecting a drug-dealing friend, Little Fei (Franco Jiang) has one thing that gets him through the brutal days and nights. He fantasizes about the girl he grew up with and what it would be like to be with her. Once he is released, he travels back to the town in which he grew up, but his fantasy girl Wenny (Vivian Hsu) has taken up with another man while he was gone. He goes to the woman that owns the local bar, sleeping with her until he realizes that Wenny is who he must have to break free of his prison nightmares. He manages to win her back, but once he is with her his anxiety takes over and he is unable to perform. Blaming himself, he leaves her, feeling that his personal demons will ruin their relationship. In his absence, a fashion photographer discovers Wenny and also falls in love with her, eventually impregnating her, but she cannot stand to be with him and moves back to her home. She finds Mei and he also decides to return to her and raise her child with her.

Essentially a Category III love story, Angel Heart is certainly low budget, but is bouyed by good performances by both Hsu and Jiang. The story is rather convoluted and far-fetched, but you find yourself being caught up in it and pulling for the two leads to wind up with eachother in the end. Being a Category III film, there are multiple sexually graphic scenes involving Hsu, but most are tastefully done and are not over the top. Overall however, there are plenty of better movies out there, and this film would only be enjoyable if there is nothing else to see or if you want to see yet another Hong Kong star delve into the Category III realm.
Reviewer Score: 6