The Fast Sword (1971)
Reviewed by: calros on 2005-08-23
Summary: The power of the pruning scissors!
This swordplay movie has very interesting elements but unfortunately the director abuses of a cheap treatment of the filmic resources, being the most annoying the camera on shoulder in the action scenes. Chang I and Han Hsiang Chin play two siblings who must face their father's murderer with the help of the government agent played by Shi Jun, who had orders of arresting Chang. The villain shows his mastery with a kind of big shears or pruning scissors against the three swordsmen at the same time. The women of the film are very active: Han Hsiang Chin shows her mastery with the whip (!) and aged Wang Li does a shocking imitation of blind Zato-Ichi with a long cane (!!!)
Reviewer Score: 6