Erotic Ghost Story (1990)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-08-24
Summary: Simple but not effective...
Erotic Ghost Story is a rather simplistic story based on a famous Chinese erotic story in which three woman spirits must resist temptations in order to become immortal. The three spirit sisters, Pai So-so (Man So), Hua-hua (Amy Yip) and Fei-fei (Kamimura Kiyoko), must remain faithful for 36 days, at which point they will leave their animals forms behind. The eldest sister, Pai So-so has lustful thoughts about the God of Lust Wutung and subsequently her two sisters start having their own fantasies, leading them down a road that threatens their grand plan. On her travels from town, So-so saves a young scholar named Wu Ming (Sin Lap-man) from roving bandits, and decides to become his housekeeper, arousing the interests of her two sisters. Eventually all three sisters sleep with Wu Ming, who turns out to be none other than the God Wutung. The sisters realize their lust is impeding their bid for immortality, and they decide to stop their escapades at once. However, needing to sleep with women in order to keep his young man’s form, Wutung goes to all measures to get the sisters back, finally doing battle with a Taoist priest who stands in his way.

Unfortunately, the plot for Erotic Ghost Story is too basic to involve the viewer and ends quite quickly without any real resolution, obviously being pulled from a short story. Although it is billed as a Category III (equivalent to a NC-17 US rating?) film, it is hardly as erotic as the other more famous Any Yip movie, Sex and Zen. There are titillating scenes, but for the most part the film simply feels too abbreviated to be enjoyable. The three buxom and gorgeous leads do provide some entertainment for the male viewers though, if that is enough for a recommendation.
Reviewer Score: 5