Erotic Ghost Story II (1991)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-08-24
Summary: Not as good as part 1, and that's not saying much
The insane, sex-driven god Wutung is back to wreak havoc on small villages and otherwise vestal virgins. Wutung has taken another form, this time in the demonic Chiu-sheng (Anthony Wong), complete with a three foot white spiky wig and makeup that looks him look like a japanese demon. After Chiu-sheng loses his demon girlfriend, he searches for a replacement in the form of a yearly virginal sacrifice. He finds that before his mate was taken from him, her spirit was placed in the body of a young girl, this time the sacrificial virgin, Fang Yu-yin (Charine Chan Ka-Ling) happens to be that carrier of the spirit. Before he can take her to his sexual hell, Fang is saved by her boyfriend Shan-ken (Yiu-Wah Kwok). Chiu-sheng sends out a minion who is able to capture Fang and bring her back to his realm, forcing Chan-ken to travel to depths to retrive her.

Although the production value is a bit better than the first installment, the story itself is rather boring and hardly holds the viewer's interest. As for the real reason for watching these films (the sex), Erotic Ghost Story 2 is a little more like Sex & Zen in that it has lots of exotic positions and furniture that people sweat and moan on. Probably worth a watch just for the fun of it, but don't look for anything ground-breaking or extraordinary. In addition, no Amy Yip hurts a lot.
Reviewer Score: 4