Gorgeous (1999)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-08-30
Summary: A diversion from a "normal" Chan film...
Gorgeous is a step away from Jackie Chan's normally frenetic action/martial arts movies, tending towards the romantic comedy with a couple of action sequences thrown in for good measure. Jackie plays C.N. Chan, a Hong Kong tycoon who has made his fortune in the recycling business. Constantly focused on his finances, he devotes little time to his personal and love life. Meanwhile, a young Taiwanese girl named Abu (Shu Qi) finds a note in a bottle, and being a hopeless romantic, travels to Hong Kong to find the sender. However, when she arrives she found it has been sent by Albert (Tony Leung), a makeup artist, to his boyfriend. She eventually meets Jackie and becomes embroiled in his constant battles with Howie, his main business rival. Along the way she shows Chan that he needs a lasting relationship to be truely happy.

Although not your typical Jackie Chan film, Gorgeous is an enjoyable romantic comedy that showcases Chan's acting as well as providing a breakout role for Shu Qi. Though the story is somewhat sappy and predictable, it is still presented with enough flash to keep it interesting. Although the final fight sequence between Chan and Brad Allen (a very impressive marital artist) is well choreographed, it becomes somewhat drawn out and silly near the end, reverting to an almost slapstick routine. Both Chan and Shu Qi are fun to watch, with Qi looking stunningly cute in every single scene, showing why she is such a huge starlet in Asia. Tony Leung is also funny in his limited screen time.
Reviewer Score: 7