Sex and Zen (1991)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2005-09-06
Summary: Cat III fun, enjoyable comedy
Sex & Zen, based on the ancient erotic Chinese novel, "The Prayer Mat of Flesh", is a hilarious Category III movie that breaks a lot of rules but set a lot of trends for Cat III movies to follow. Lawrence Ng plays a philandering scholar who sets out to conquer as many women as possible after he feels that his wife, Chou Yin (Amy Yip), doesn't enjoy their sex life enough. After being told that his penis is too small and his longevity is lacking, he goes to Tin Chan (Kent Chang), a local doctor whose abilities include the transplanting of sexual organs. Yan Ching (Ng) decides to have a horse penis attached, and after an extremely comical scene, he is fitted with the equine member. His exploits then take him across the land, where he beds a local shop owner's abused wife and a bi-sexual lover of the rich and powerful Mistress Ku (Carrie Ng). When Ku finds out that Shui Chu (Isabella Chow) has been hiding Yan Ching, she sets in motion a bizarre, almost dream-like sequence that has Yan the unwilling participant in a myriad of sexual situations, many of which border on torture. In the meantime, the abusive shop owner Wong Chut (Elvis Tsui) has taken up as a gardener in Yan Ching's house, and after spying Chou Yin, he cannot control himself and ravages her in an unbelievably gymnastic hot tub scene. She becomes pregnant and is disgraced, and is forced to work in a brothel (coincidentally owned by Mistress Ku), where her sexual ability becomes legendary. Yan Ching, sexually washed out from his torture and hoping regain his prowess, goes to the brothel and finds his wife there, leading to a disastrous ending.

Sex & Zen is a terrific film, and although obviously made strictly for adults, it is incredibly funny and well acted, with or without clothes. The women in this movie are incredibly beautiful, and Amy Yip's career was understandably built on this film. For an Asian, she has enormous breasts and the director, Michael Mak has no qualms in showing her ample assets at all possible times. There is a ridiculous scene involving Carrie Ng, Isabella Chow and a flute which has to be seen to be believed, and comes as close to crossing over into a hardcore sex movie as any other part. You can watch this film for many reasons, one obviously being the legendary sexual aspect which is probably what has been touted the most. However, it can be enjoyed as a terrific, well directed comedy with multitudes of talented actors.
Reviewer Score: 8