Faithfully Yours (1988)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2005-09-07
It may be difficult to dislike this movie since it is so earnest and hard working in its unsuccessful attempts to be funny. Which is the problem with “Faithfully Yours”—it isn’t funny. There are moments when the viewer is aware that what he sees is a humorous bit but it stops there with the realization that it should be funny, it is supposed to be funny, perhaps the writers, director and actors thought it would be funny, but realizing that something is a joke and laughing at it are very different. And there are very few laughs in “Faithfully Yours”.

There are competent, essentially one note performances from most of the cast. That Happy, Puddin Lai and Big Eye are constantly together goes from cute to annoying very quickly. If they had each been given a couple of minutes away from the others to develop a personality with which the audience could identify might have given us a bit more interest in who actually is the father of Ying’s baby. Richard Ng plays Richard Ng. Sharla Cheung was very well served by the hair and make-up department. She adopted a kohl eyed look and with a super glossy hair-do/wig added to her already striking appearance she is the center of every scene she is in. A good thing—this movie was only the third of her considerable career and from evidence supplied she couldn’t act scared on a subway platform at 4:00 AM.

Two scenes are indicative of the problem. One, which was at least enjoyable and could have been hilarious, had the three suitors in a cab chasing a cab that Ying is in. They are still trying to win her over by reciting love poetry, declaring eternal faithfulness and professing they will give up everything for her. The actually say these things, though, to their cabby who then relays them by radio to Ying’s cabby (who, it turns out, is insane) who then tells her what he though they originally said. Probably the best scene and worth a few laughs but nowhere near its potential.

The other has the four of them on a bus. Ying is getting sick because of the motion of the bus and is about to vomit. When no one has a tissue for her, one of the guys (Big Eye, I think) whips off his shirt for her to vomit into. He then treasures this part of his beloved, of course. So does the next one whose shirt gets the same treatment, but the third winds up with a shirt full of vomit from a fat girl sitting next to Ying. One could see that this was supposed to be funny but since it was so obvious what would happen from the very beginning of the bit it fell flat.

Not recommended.

Reviewer Score: 2