Drink, Drank, Drunk (2005)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2005-09-28
Summary: A good show to watch when you feel like getting drunk
Drink Drank Drunk started of with a weak 1980's intro. Showing scene of busy night market with name of directors and all. Despite the weak intro, the movie started of with a lot of funny jokes here and there. By the first 15 minutes of the movie, most of the characters in the movie has been introduced. Miriam Yeung take the role as a beer promoter who has this nick called "Chin pui patt jui" which also means she is a person who is not easily drunk. Met up with Daniel Wu, a french chef who can't drink for shit. They bump in to one another, play a little cat and mouse game and then got together.

They then started to be partners when Wu's restaurant was in financial problem, while Miriam always wanted to own her own restaurant. They soon started to fall in love with each other and believe they could live happily ever after until Wu's friend drop by for a visit.

Wu, eventually was a wanderer who doesn't want to stop going around, wandering and doesn't want to be tied down. And after the visit from Wu's friends problems start to arise. The vulcano finally burst when a famous food enterprise came for a visit and invited Wu to work for her at a more high class place.

Miriam was jealous when she sensed that the businesswoman was in love with Wu and asked Wu to stay. Wu thinks she was trying to change him and tied him down and they both broke up.

When Wu finally found out that the businesswoman was actually only using their charm to attract customers into their high class restaurant, he was so furious and quit. He then went back to Miriam and pretend he was drunk and well.. yeah they got back together. (Of course... what else could happen?)

I just never understand. Guys are always like that. When they meet up with problems they will just float up right in front of you. When they wanted to leave, they can be just so cruel. It makes me wonder in this show weather Wu is really in love with Miriam. Well... I guess we can never know... hahaha... It's just a happy ending comedy show after all.

Rating: 61/2 out of 10
Reviewer Score: 6