Sexy and Dangerous (1996)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-10-10
Summary: a rousing spin-off
This is a rousing spin-off of Young and Dangerous films that were so wildly popular in Hong Kong in 1996. Director Billy Tang shows some skill in this effort, the most successful film of his early career. Karen Mok plays Van, the female version of Jordan Chan's Chicken[Cock] character. Mok is awesome in this film. Her performance alone is enough for me to recommend this movie.

Loletta Lee plays Marble, a club girl and Michael Tong plays Brother One, leader of the Hung Yee Society. These two star crossed lovers are being kept apart by fate and triad machinations. Tong sports long hair and, gee whiz, he looks like Chan Ho Nam! Francis Ng plays George, a street level triad who is just the opposite of his character in the original film series. As usual, Ng turns in a deliciously quirky performance. Watch for producer Lee Siu Kei in a cameo role in an early scene.

copyright 2001 J. Crawford
Reviewer Score: 8