Street of Fury (1996)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-10-21
Summer of '96 spits out another triad movie in the aftermath of the extremely popular Young and Dangerous released earlier in the year. Director Billy Tang crafts an interesting film that features then newcomers Louis Koo and Michael Tse as brothers who dream of escaping the poverty of the housing project where they were raised. Tse's character is a hot headed fellow who gets himself, and his brother, into trouble with a local, low level gangster [Simon Loui]. They make a name for themselves and go to work on the famous Portland Street, pospering from triad activities.

Theresa Mak is the star of this movie, playing a massage girl with a gambling problem. She becomes the pawn in the endgame that brings violence and misery to everyone. Director gets wild performances from Tsui Kam Kong and Action Director Alan Chui as rival triad bosses. Cinematograher Tony Miu captures jarring images and creates a gritty realism for the look of film.

copyright 2005 j.crawford
Reviewer Score: 8