Street Angels (1996)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-10-21
Released in the summer of 1996 in the middle of the Young and Dangerous phenonenom that spawned sequels and spin-offs in quick succesion. This film is from the group that created the Y&D original with direction handled by Billy Tang who helmed Sexy & Dangerous earlier. While the comic book based screenplay is set in Portland Street, the film is about "older" established niteclub owners who have a violent rivalry.

Vicious tough guy Simon Yam and girlfriend Chingmy Yau murder a rival gangster in bowling alley. Yam escapes into hiding while Ms.Yau goes off to jail. Yau meets a club owner [ Michael Tiu ] and becomes a top "mamasan" hostess. Mainland gangsters, politicians, and rival triads fight for a piece of the action. When Yam returns suddenly from hiding, he goes against Yau and her new pals.

Billy Tang gets a lot of good performances from the eclectic cast. Shu Qi, appearing in her 2nd Hong Kong movie, is energetic as the massage girl with a heart of gold. Elvis Tsui, as always, manages to steal every scene as the oddball bodyguard. Watch for the always awesome Maria Cordero as a niteclub singer doing a bawdy song. Action Director Dion Lam gives viewers lots of wide angle close-ups and furious fighting.

copyright 2005 J. Crawford
Reviewer Score: 8