All About Love (2005)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2005-10-24
Summary: So romantic that it could make you cry yet lack of sentimental touches.
It was a long anticipated movie. With lots of promotions, well at least more than Wait 'Til You're Older. Everyone I know has been looking forward to this movie. Even people I know that doesn't fancy Andy was waiting to see the show. I don't blame them. It's been like ages or maybe I should say Andy has not engage himself into any serious "Love Story" movie.

The movie is true to it's title, All About Love. Andy once again play a double role in the movie. Andy play the role of Dr. Ko, a new yet talented doctor who is always very busy with work. Charlene plays Mrs. Ko, Andy's wife who is a happy go lucky person that loves Andy very much. Due to Andy's busy schedule, they both seldom meet up and spend time together. Being the usual Charlene, she always manage to do small small things to add perks and sparks to the movie. Her character in this movie does add a lot of laughter to the show.

One day, Andy finally manage to schedule some time to go dinner with his wife. Thus, his wife drove to the hospital to pick him up. It is so touching when Charlene has reached the hospital car park earlier and waited for Andy but she refuse to let him know because she didn't want to bother him. I could hardly understand, it's his 108th time saying "Tomorrow" because he has to delay the dinner plan due to work. 108 times and her number 758 times forgiving Andy.I guess I will never know all about love. Coz I will never understand.

But then I guess it's the last 108th times of "tomorrow" and the 758th times of "forgiving him". Charlene was then hit and was in a koma for some time and finally passed away.

Six years later, Andy finally bump into Charlie Yeung when Charlie met with an accident. After some twist and turns, Andy finally found out that Charlie is currently having her wife's heart. Yeap.. what a coincident. Charlie has a heart transplant. Charlie was married to Derek (was played by Andy Lau too). Derek is a famous hairstylist. He's a charming man which leads an exciting life compared to Charlie who is an art teacher to little kids. Their marriage was on a rocky moment when Charlie thought Derek was flirting outside and still be with her due to her sickness.

When Andy(Ko) finally finds out that Charlie is carrying her wife's heart, he cares more for her because he feels he owe her too much by not spending enough time with her when she is still alive. The news of Charlie's heart malfunctioning and she is going to die makes Andy(Ko) even want to spend more time with her.

They spend some lovely time together, celebrating festive celebrations in a fast forward mode and eventually the movie ended in a tragic and soap-opera mode when Charlie dies when Derek came back to her. Andy(Ko) was upset, however Charlie did leave her with a notebook wit her wife's note to him.

It's really a beautiful love story. However I think it would be more perfect when Andy at least say for once he loved his wife or Charlie.

I feel it is a very romantic and sentimental movie. It's close to making me shed a tear. It really did came close, however it didn't came close enough to touch my heart.There were so many things that Andy could do better in and many things that the director and scriptwriter could do in order to make it more sentimental. I couldn't forgive the scriptwriter to put in the part where Andy gave Charlie the same necklace as the one he gave to Charlene. People just don't do the same thing to their loved ones and to other people. It's just disappointing. I must admit, Charlene does look very feminine in this movie. Looking forward to see more of her acts.

Rating: 7 out of 10
Reviewer Score: 7