Set to Kill (2005)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2005-11-13
director Marco Mak turns his attention this year to "SET TO KILL," a rather ordinary bodyguard tale of many plot twists, the only other movie that matches its sheer quantity of twists being TOKYO RAIDERS. The editing style recalls COLOUR OF THE TRUTH, both editted by Mak himself, in which rapid movements are followed by slow motion. I haven't seen COLOUR for a while, but I think this movie may have reused the house where Anthony Wong shot the Vietnamese woman. The music is mainly 2 fold: the latin pop recalls TOKYO RAIDERS, while a more melancholy score recalls ONE NITE IN MONGKOK. Unfortunately, this movie is inferior to all of its sources of inspiration. It simply has too much sound effects all the time. Sometimes loud != good.

Reviewer Score: 6