A Gambler's Story (2001)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-11-23
Summary: Pleasant but not compelling
I confess at the outset to being disappointed, having first read the other reviews. I am a big fan of the glitzy showoff HK gambling movies (think the great God Of Gamblers Return), and was certainly not expecting this sort of movie.

It was a pleasing change to see the often-villainous Francis Ng play a sympathetic role. His character is likeable and vulnerable. He narrates for nearly the entire film, so you always know what's going on, especially in his head. The relationship with Fragrance is well-done. And the cinematography is pleasing to the eye.

But I just simply got bored by the half-way mark. I found Francis Ng's never-ending narration (something like in Alfie) overdone, and think the movie would have benefited from giving us longer breaks between narrative, if only to let the story flow better and allow things to develop, rather than to explain everything in such minor detail.

Overall, quite okay, but don't rush to rent it, and get into a mellow mood first.
Reviewer Score: 5