The Romancing Star (1987)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-11-25
Summary: Half and half
Eric Tsang was in his early and hyper annoying period when this film was made, before he matured to become one of HK's great character actors. Annoying is pretty much Nat Chan's entire style. And Chow YF tries hard to be even more stupid and annoying than the first two. Combine all this with almost no-one else getting a look-in for the first half hour, and it's easy to see why the first 35 minutes is almost unbearable.

Things start to improve then, and it's due in no small measure to the appearance of the female leads, Maggie Cheung and Cheung Lai Ping. Not that their acting is much better, but the story settles down a bit and so do the guys, as they compete for the girls' attention.

The movie is quite enjoyable from then on, and there are quite a few hilarious moments. My favourite is where they do a take on Heart Of Dragon. Stanley Fung puts in a terrific physical comedy turn. And I enjoyed the antics of the statues at the end.

Overall, pretty good. I'd have rated it two points higher if not for the opening scenes sans women.
Reviewer Score: 6