Disco Bumpkins (1980)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-11-25
Summary: Early George vehicle
Quite a few echoes of Saturday Night Fever here. Hamburger has posters of John Travolta everywhere and does his best to imitate him.

There's a pleasant and occasionally funky foregrounded soundtrack and quite a lot of singing, hence the classification as a Musical. The songs are quite easy on the ear without being remarkable. Clearly an A-list production, the cinematograhy is great, and the visuals are a treat.

Pity to waste all this talent on such tripe.

Well, mostly anyways. There are a few scenes which are entertaining, such as George's platform shoes dance routine in the middle, which is a hoot. But it's mostly stupid physical gags which mostly fall very flat. And there's an accent on toilet humour (which I personally detest).

Okay, if there's nothing else to rent.
Reviewer Score: 3