The Crazy Companies (1988)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-12-04
Summary: Enjoyable
Some of the minor cast deserve special mention. Although he was credited 16th, grand old campaigner Hui Ying Sau stole the show. He's terrfic as the old uncle who interprets the will of the former company owner. A joy to watch. And To Siu Ming is a scream. It was a master touch casting this cross-eyed actor as a hypnotist ! The vulgar James Wong as a priest ?! And it's always a pleasure to see Shing Fui On playing a tough guy with a dash of humour and plenty of ham.

Yep, I pretty much go along with Sydneyguy. Silly and not great, but quite a good way to pass 90 minutes.
Reviewer Score: 6