Brotherhood (1976)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-12-11
Summary: Brutal
Life's tough if you're a hood in Hong Kong.

Every imaginable excuse to get individuals and groups to fight each other seems to have been used here. Trechary and double-dealing lead to a number of murders, a few suicides and plenty of fisticuffs. It should not surprise anyone to know that only one character survives to walk off into the sunset.

There's also a good serve of ceremony. When one an elder gang head is executed, the induction of his replacement is recorded in almost loving detail.

The problem I had with this film is the leading man. Tony Liu seems to have undergone a charisma bypass, and I was at no stage particularly concerned about his welfare. He's a punk. Pure and simple. That he has some honour doesn't reall ymake much difference. And he is not a large enough character to be an effective anti-hero.

Still, there action aplenty and some very nice cinematography. Gory and brutal, but holds interest and is watchable throughout.
Reviewer Score: 6