River of Fury (1973)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2005-12-12
Summary: Worth watching
River of Fury started off with one of the most contrived facial expressions in the history of Shaw Brothers, by a young Danny Lee. Fortunately, it moved on to include better things, like Ku Feng and Lily Ho. Moral of the story: Stay low key; don't go for glamour, which is just an illusion with tons of ugliness behind it.

If nothing else, this is your one chance to see Ku Feng without clothes on. He is actually more buff than I imagined, considering his good share of old white-haired villain roles. This is one of the few modern day movies that I have seen him in. As if there's any doubt, Ku Feng basically steals the show, although Lily Ho is awfully cute before her character turned to the dark side.
Reviewer Score: 6