Angry Guest (1972)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-12-12
Summary: Takes a while to warm up .........
... but pretty full on action from about the half-way mark. Very colourful, especially the clothes. Well, it was the 70s, after all. The crowd fighting choreography is impressive. The acting is over-wrought and there's a fair whack of mugging from most of the fighters, but that's nothing unusual.

This is quite a grim movie. The only laughter is derisive scoffing, when one gang is provoking or getting the upper hand over the other. Otherwise, joyful and uplifting it ain't.

That said, my (Japanese) partner thought this movie was hilarious. She scoffed at the number of gang members committing harakiri (or an abbreviated version thereof). The Yamaguchi are a famous yakuza clan in real life, and harakiri amongst members would be rare. More likely they'd simply have to chop off a finger. Still, that's not exactly pleasant either.

Overall, plenty of fisticuffs, trechary, murder, smouldering looks, all packaged in an A-grade production. Pretty damn good.
Reviewer Score: 7