The Avenging Eagle (1978)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2005-12-12
Summary: Excellent movie
I have long been aware of the fans' warm regards for Avenging Eagle. Unfortunately when I first saw it, the print wasn't in good shape, and it was dubbed. Now that I have seen it remastered (by the way, is it just me or does this particular DVD seem to have better quality than most others from IVL?), I can say that it stands out as one of the best martial arts offerings from Shaw Brothers, and it made me a more avid admirer of director Sun Chung. His JUDGEMENT OF AN ASSASSIN and HUMAN LANTERN have already won my fandom, and Avenging Eagle simply confirmed his unique filmmaking qualities. His camera movements are the most elegant, and sometimes take bold paths we don't expect, which adds a layer of technical depth that most SB films overlook.

As if there were really any doubt, Ku Feng really steals the show this time. His profound performances always add an extra dimension to the characters, whether villain or hero or in-between. Never have I seen another actor out of the Shaw studio with such distinctive versatility and class. He grasps the essence of his characters to perfection, whereas his fellow colleagues often betray their characters with carelessness. I always thought that some of the stars like Ti Lung and the Venoms put on too many paycheck performances, as if sleepwalking on the set (same old characters, same old dialogue, same old action). But let me put it this way: Anyone in the hands of Sun Chung is probably in good hands, and Ku Feng's 13 cold blooded eagle master here may be his finest performance to date.

Reviewer Score: 9