Twelve Gates of Hell (1980)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2005-12-15
Summary: Action-packed sockfest
One thing you have to admit about Dragon Lee : his movies deliver. Every Dragon Lee film I've seen contains more than half of its running time fu fighting, and Champ Vs Champ is no exception. The fights are entertaining and fast-paced. The acting is wildly overdone, and the villains are really villainous AND really stupid. What I mean is, they see at close range Dragon polishing off their peers, then happily jump to fighting him, not realizing that he'll eventually see all of them off. Poor villains.

The South Korean countryside is used to good and even picaresque effect, though I found it odd that scenes taking place on the same day at ground level could range from bright sunshine without snow to snowy and dark.

And there are plenty gimmicks. Odd looking and deadly weapons, including party streamers. A quartet of feisty women who sing their opponents to death and can disappear at will. Dragon has a leg amputated and makes a new one, of steel no less, creating some hilarious sound effects. There's a bald guy who breathes fire (perhaps he wants to be called Dragon as well ?).

All in all, fun and fast paced action. Recommended.
Reviewer Score: 7