Power Connection (1995)
Reviewed by: calros on 2005-12-17
Summary: Average Philip Ko/Godfrey Ho flick.
This is one more in the list of the movies that Philip Ko made in Philippines. It's not so bad as "Ultracop 2000"... but not so good as "Lethal Panther 2". His friend Godfrey is credited as producer and writer, but I think he only hired a 10-year boy to do the script of this movie. All the film is a mixture: half of the movie was filmed in Hong Kong and the other half in Philippines; the dramatic scenes are mixed mercilessly with the comic ones (even the action scenes are sometimes spoiled); the movie also mixes martial & gun action in fifty/fifty, and Yukari is the star of the first ones. She has a couple of good scenes... and even a romantic relationship with the philippino star of the movie! wow.
Reviewer Score: 6