Run and Kill (1993)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-12-26
Summary: graphic, brutally violent film.
In the wake of the box office success of Dr. Lamb, The Untold Story and similar films, director Billy Tang reunites with stars Danny Lee, Simon Yam and Kent Cheng to make graphic, brutally violent film. Like its predecessors, this one is supposed to be based on an actual headline news story. I don't think you could make this one up if you tried. If you can look beneath the murky surface, there is pre-Handover anti-Mainland subtext that can be read from the structure of film. What makes this film good is that all these horrible events are portrayed with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

More disturbing to look at than usual is Kent Cheng, cast as good natured, hard-working guy who catches his wife cheating on him. Emotionally distraught, he gets in a pitiful, drunken stupor and "arranges" for his wife to be murdered. Sober, this would be the last thing this guy would do. Circumstances spiral out of control in an unbelievable fashion until Simon Yam shows up as the insane "mad dog" killer. Once Yam appears, things' ratchet up to new levels of sick, twisted violence. Tang turns the two actors loose and they don't disappoint with their over the top performances while Danny Lee is hardly in the film.
Reviewer Score: 8