The White Dragon (2004)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2005-12-31
Summary: funny, clever movie
This is a funny, clever movie by one of the best film makers working in Hong Kong. Cecilia Cheung and Francis Ng star in a basic romantic comedy formula story about adversary's who fall in love with each other. Director Wilson Yip fleshes out the formula with funny bits of business that cross in and out of time frames and genre's.

Beautiful young woman [Ms. Cheung] loves, then forsakes a handsome prince [Andy On] for a quirky, blind assassin [Mr. Ng] hired to kill the heir to the throne. Marvelous performance by Francis Ng pays homage to the legendary Zatoichi [Shintaro Katsu]. Blending romance, wuxia, and comedy, Yip leads Cheung and the always awesome Ng through a moving, enjoyable visual experience.
Reviewer Score: 9