Dial D for Demons (2000)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2006-01-02
Take one part Scream, one part Sixth Sense, and a heaping helping of The Ring, mix it up real good and you have Dial D for Demons. This film is a vehicle for several young stars quite popular in 2000; Jordan Chan, Terence Yin, and alluring Joey Man are featured along with 3 other young actresses.

Although Jordan Chan was well established as a genuine Hong Kong movie star, Terence Yin was just starting out and had not become the "bad guy" star he is today [2005]. His odd performance is all over the place as he displays the raw energy he was able to harness in later roles. Director Billy Tang manages to create some spooky sensations but the movie suffers from a screenplay short on ideas.
Reviewer Score: 6