The Boxer's Adventure (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-01-02
Summary: Why is no-one ever happy to see us ?
When three young men are volunteered for guard detail under Captain Lee, it seemed nearly everyone is out to get them, including some personable young beauties. With this setup and a great cast, this should have been a fun and fast paced romp.

Unfortunately it isn't nearly as good as it could have been. The fights are dull until the second half, when they improve considerably. Proceedings are rather dull and irritating in between fights, and the wooing antics of two of the leads grate a bit too much.

Having said that, the second half is pretty good, mainly as a result of frequent fights including some very talented and apparently unknown fighting fems. Grit your teeth through the first half and enjoy.
Reviewer Score: 5