The Loot (1980)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2006-01-04
Summary: Excellent blend of martial arts and comedy...
David Chiang and Norman Chu play rival bounty hunters in this very funny martial arts mystery. The Loot is a great blend of excellent fight choreography, a fun (but confusing) plot and great chemistry between Chiang, Chu and Phillip Ko Fei. Chiang plays the prankster perfectly while Chu is a little more reserved and Ko Fei is deadly serious. The dynamics between the three work to great effect. Lily Li Li-li has a relatively small part as the love interest for all three (even though Ko Fei is her cousin). Kwan Yung-Moon rounds out the cast as the devious Chiu Foon, who hires Chiang to protect him from an assassin, the Spider.

As good as the comedy is, you might expect the martial arts to be not up to par, but The Loot delivers on that front as well. David Chiang shows more open-hand-style ability than I have seen in previous movies, and busts out a nasty Mantis style near the end of the film, only to be topped by his hilarious Monkey style in the finale. Phillip Ko Fei is very quick and precise in his scenes and is able to protray the deadliness of his character Ko Yuk Shin very effectively. Norman Chu is also excellent in his fight scenes. The final 20 minutes of the movie is a successive all-out brawl between the 5 main characters that loses it's steam a bit, but ends with a hilarious spoof on the Shaw Brothers' characteristic film closings. A definite recommendation for this very funny martial arts mystery.
Reviewer Score: 8